In the fifth and final episode of Season 5, Myisha chats with her friend, musician and actress, Sharon Van Etten. Sharon talks about how her creative practice evolved from a time in her life where communicating about traumas she experienced was incredibly difficult. Music was a way to make the unconscious conscious and allowed her to process deep emotions.

This is the final episode of Down for Whatever!

Content warning: this season of the podcast contains some descriptions of rape, incest, sexual assault and coercion. Listener discretion is advised.

This episode is sponsored by Polemic and Adam & Eve. Enter code DOWN2020 on for 50% off one item, free gifts and shipping. Restrictions apply.

Direct download: Unlocking_Creativity.mp3
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In episode 4 of this season, Myisha talks to Alyssa Kies, co-founder of The Sex Issue a zine and Instagram account that aims to give readers the sex ed they wish they'd gotten. Alyssa shares her story of creating The Sex Issue as part of her process of healing from sexual assault.

Content warning: this season of the podcast contains some descriptions of rape, incest, sexual assault and coercion. Listener discretion is advised.

This episode is sponsored by Polemic and Adam & Eve. Enter code DOWN2020 on for 50% off one item, free gifts and shipping. Restrictions apply.

Direct download: Reclaiming_Sexual_Worth.mp3
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In this episode, Myisha speaks with fellow sexuality coach Veronica Monet and author of Love, Lust and Romance in the Wake of #MeToo about The Shame Free Zone and her path to heal from incest and rape. They talk about the difficult process of becoming intimate with new partners while experiencing triggers and all the work that it took to allow her to talk so openly about her past.

Content warning: this season of the podcast contains some descriptions of rape, incest, sexual assault and coercion. Listener discretion is advised.

This episode is sponsored by Polemic and Adam & Eve. Enter code DOWN2020 on for 50% off one item, free gifts and shipping. Restrictions apply.

Direct download: Creating_A_Shame_Free_Zone.mp3
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Myisha discusses the culture of silence we have around sexuality with Cindy Gallop and how her website Make Love Not Porn aims to combat misinformation about what real world sex should be. Cindy believes that talking about sex and receiving accurate sexual information can radically decrease the incidence of sexual assault in the world. She also shares how MLNP has helped survivors reclaim their sexuality.

Content warning: this season of the podcast contains some descriptions of rape, incest, sexual assault and coercion. Listener discretion is advised.

This episode is sponsored by Polemic and Adam & Eve. Enter code DOWN2020 on for 50% off one item, free gifts and shipping. Restrictions apply.

Direct download: From_Social_Sex_to_Consent_Culture.mp3
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In this episode of Down for Whatever, Myisha speaks to activist, author and doula, adrienne maree brown. They discuss adrienne's path to reclaiming and prioritizing pleasure in her own life as well as her most recent book Pleasure Activism.

Content warning: this season of the podcast contains some descriptions of rape, incest, sexual assault and coercion. Listener discretion is advised.

This episode is sponsored by Polemic and Adam & Eve. Enter code DOWN2020 on for 50% off one item, free gifts and shipping. Restrictions apply.

Direct download: Becoming_an_Activist_for_Pleasure.mp3
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It's the fifth and final season of Down for Whatever! Myisha discusses how this season came to be and the topic of re-imagining survivor sexuality. #metoo exposed so many stories of sexual assault and violence and this season aims to show what healing from these experiences looks like on a personal and cultural level. Guests include adrienne maree brown, Cindy Gallop and Sharon Van Etten.

Content warning: this season of the podcast contains some descriptions of rape, incest, sexual assault and coercion. Listener discretion is advised.

This episode is sponsored by Polemic and Adam & Eve. Enter code DOWN2020 on for 50% off one item, free gifts and shipping. Restrictions apply.

Direct download: Re-Imagining_Survivor_Sexuality.mp3
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In the season finale of Season 4 of Down for Whatever one of Myisha's dreams came true! She interviewed Dr. Carol Queen, author and Staff Sexologist for Good Vibrations. Good Vibrations is one of the pioneer sex toy shops designed to welcome women and encourage them to explore their sexuality. Myisha and Dr. Queen discuss the history of sex toys as well as where the industry is headed.

Dr. Queen also answers a few audience questions which range from how to approach a crush to the best way to have sex when both partners have roomies to how to open up your relationship.

Happy New Year!

To keep up with Myisha's work in 2019, become a patron on Patreon!

Direct download: Queen_of_Sex.mp3
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In this very special episode of DFW, three of Myisha's previous guests read excerpts from their books. Kitty Chambliss reads from Jealousy Survival Guide, Kristen Sollee reads from Witches, Sluts, Feminists and Vanessa Cuccia reads from Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure.

Any one of these books would make an amazing gift for a loved one this holiday season. Need a gift for a gift exchange? Or maybe get all three for your personal sexy library!


Direct download: Holiday_reading_recommendations.mp3
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In this episode of DFW, Myisha interviews Alex Fine of Dame. She and Myisha discuss what it's like to be a lifelong "sex talker", someone who is fascinated by sex and has made a career talking to others about sex.

Alex talks about her relationship to the work "slut", the slut-shaming she endured as a kid, and how she has integrated her sexuality and her feminism into a sex toy brand that is focused on decreasing the pleasure gap. Listen for a discount code at the end to try one of Dame's products!

Direct download: Sex_Talkers.mp3
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Myisha interviews two sex coaches in training, Tama and David, who participated in a month-long (almost) gender swap where they dressed in the other's gendered clothing and performed gender as the other. From shaving to not shaving, from no makeup to makeup, this couple experimented with what it means to "act like a man" and "act like a woman" in this world. They both learned so much as a result! Tama and David were inspired by Peggy Orenstein's book Girls & Sex. Check it out. 

Direct download: The_Gender_Swapping_Couple.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 2:00pm EDT

Myisha interviews Katy Zvolerin, Director of Public Relations at Adam & Eve. Katy worked her way up from a copywriter in the 90s where she wrote product descriptions of pleasure products and sex toys. She and Myisha talk through a few of Adam & Eve's top sellers and innovative toys. Myisha weighs the pros and cons of each toy and encourages exploration of all that sex toys have to offer. Listeners can enjoy 50% off just about any item with a promo code revealed in the episode.

Direct download: Vibrations_of_Pleasure.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:31pm EDT

Myisha chats with her new friend Rogue Bit about the possibilities of sex mediated through technology. They discuss what digital sex looks like now and what might it look like in the future. They also talk about how the gaming space can be a place for sexual exploration and boundary pushing when it comes to gender and sexual expression. Myisha references a piece she wrote about digisexuality, and you can read it here.

Direct download: Digisexuality_and_The_Future_of_Sex.mp3
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Myisha chats with the founder of Citizens of Culture, Maceo Keeling. They talk about masculinity and modern dating conundrums including what it's like out there for straight folks dating in the wake of #metoo. Spoiler alert: it's complicated! 

Maceo's work centers around giving people the tools to think critically about their relationships and improve them through communication and consent. He's also on his own personal quest to be more intentional about his sexual and gender expression.

Direct download: Straight_Dating_Post_Metoo.mp3
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Myisha chats with the creator of a one-woman comedy show about never having an orgasm. Molly Brenner Is Not Coming is a comedic journey through Molly Brenner's experience with a very common occurrence for women: anorgasmia, or lack of orgasm. She also tackles growing up being very sexually curious, vaginismus and some of the common sexual milestones that she never got to experience, all with a comedic twist!

Direct download: Molly_Brenner_is_Not_Coming.mp3
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Can selfies be sexually empowering? Myisha's newest guest thinks so! Ev'yan Whitney is a sexuality doula and sex educator who wants to create a world with more sexually liberated women. Ev'yan is the creator of the Sex, Love, Liberation blog and hosts her own podcast called The Sexually Liberated Woman. She and Myisha talk about what it means to be sexually liberated and Ev'yan's own experience of stepping into her sexual power and how she helps women do the same.

Direct download: The_Sexuality_Doula.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:00pm EDT

Myisha chats with the foundress of Sustain Natural, Meika Hollendar at The Assembly in San Francisco. The Assembly is a clubhouse for women and Myisha helped organize their first sexual wellness event. Myisha interviewed Meika about what it was like to start a sexual wellness brand geared specifically towards women and the motivation behind writing her book, Get On Top: Of Your Pleasure, Sexuality & Wellness: A Vagina Revolution. Meika and Myisha then answer some amazing questions from the audience.

Direct download: DFW_Live_at_The_Assembly.mp3
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Myisha speaks with Joseph Gelfer about his Five Stages of Masculinity theoretical model. They talk about what the future of masculinity could be as well as how to discuss masculinity with folks who are at the various stages. Joseph also opens up about what masculinity has meant to him and how that has changed over time. Other topics explored include intersectionality and Rupaul's Drag Race!

Direct download: Five_Stages_of_Masculinity.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 9:00pm EDT

Myisha discusses gender and how that has been expressed throughout Hex's life as she has identified formerly as a gay man and now as a woman. Myisha and Hex explore gender performance and what that means in everyday life as well as in drag. They also talk about the degrees of safety one can expect as they express a gender that is atypical. Hex shares how her gender is often misunderstood in relationships and how race intersects with her gender expression.

Direct download: DFW_Live_at_Otherwild.mp3
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Myisha interviews Dr. Rachel Gelman, a pelvic floor physical therapist based in San Francisco. Dr. Gelman shares with Myisha the most common concerns her patients have, including painful sex or sexual difficulties, and how pelvic floor physical therapy can help address these concerns. They also go over what the pelvic floor is, how it's connected to the rest of the body and what you should (or shouldn't) be doing to keep it healthy.

Direct download: All_About_the_Pelvic_Floor.mp3
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The newest episode of DFW is called The Poly Amish Atheist. With a title like that I bet you can guess what Myisha will be discussing with her guest, Kenneth who is kind enough to dive deep into his restrictive religious roots and their impact on his sex life. 

Sex and religion often have a complicated relationship and many people find themselves in conflict over the kind of sex they want and the sex that they believe they should be having according to their faith. Kenneth does such a great job at parsing out what that conflict looked like for him and how that moved him to leave his faith behind.

Direct download: The_Poly_Amish_Atheist.mp3
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Ever wonder what the romantic lives of sex workers might be like? Myisha speaks with Lucy Sweetkill of La Maison du Rouge about her dating life and how being a professional dominatrix and sex worker impacts how she dates.

Myisha and Lucy talk about the assumptions that people have about Lucy's sex life and ways for vanilla folks to handle sensitive questions they may have when dating a sex worker. They also get into race, outsider status and the power of being weird. 

Direct download: Dating_while_Domme.mp3
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It's DFW's fourth season and the amazingly sexy stories continue! This season's guests are truly mind-blowing.

One such guest is Laura Luna who identifies as a submissive, a woman of color and a queer, fat femme. In this episode, Laura Luna and Myisha discuss what all of that means in the context of attending play parties which are events where people can engage safely in BDSM and kink. Laura Luna gives advice to those who might want to attend a play party for the first time and gets into what types of spaces feel the most comfortable for her. 

This episode is sponsored by Sudio headphones. Use DFW at checkout for 15% off any purchase.

Direct download: Femme_at_Play.mp3
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This episode of Down for Whatever is Myisha's gift to you because she knows you like to hear stories of discovery and empowerment, AND you also like to hear people describe the sex they're having. This holiday special features two stories that are sure to please!

The first story is told by Taylor J Mace and the second is told by Jupiter's Slut. Myisha met Taylor and Jupiter at Woodhull Sexual freedom Summit last year and they shared their stories of sex/erotic experiences they each had while attending sex conferences. 

Direct download: Holiday_Special.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 1:14am EDT

Myisha interviews professional female dominant Dia Dynasty. Dia has been providing professional domination services for years and she recently founded La Maison du Rouge with her co-founder Lucy Sweetkill (who will also guest on DFW later). Their conversation includes the pros and cons of working at a dungeon vs going solo, some of the misconceptions about what it means to be a pro-dom and the intersectionality of being an Asian-American in the BDSM world.

Myisha also takes a listener question about low desire and having a partner whose penis is just too big!

Direct download: The_Dominant_Woman.mp3
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Myisha interviews Tina Horn of the Why Are People Into That?! podcast. They discuss watching porn with friends, how the act watching porn can be a form of rebellion against the state, why you should pay for porn and the trappings of whore-shaming in this digital world. Will we all end up naked on the Internet???

Direct download: Naked_on_the_Internet_-_A_Conversation_with_Tina_Horn.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 9:00am EDT

This episode features an interview with a listener named Dawn who shares her story of coming out as lesbian in her 40s. Dawn discusses her experience with living the majority of her life as a straight woman, getting married, having children and ultimately suppressing her desire for being with women that existed in her since childhood. It took going through couples counseling with her husband and some incredibly hard work finding her community before she was able to find her first girlfriend. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, strength and support to really own who you are and what you want. When it happens though, it's a beautiful thing! 

Direct download: Coming_Out_Is_Hard_To_Do.mp3
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This month's episode of DFW is with Lifestyle Dominant, Master Severyn Kain. Severyn and Myisha talk about what people in the vanilla (or non-kink) world get wrong about BDSM and what exactly one should expect when seeking out the services of a professional dominant. Severyn also explains some of his fetishes and how he thinks they originated. Listen now! It's a great conversation and a lot more fun to listen to than some of the other conversations about dominant men in the world right now who are actin' like fools. (Ahem)

Myisha has launched a Patreon campaign and needs your support to create more episodes of DFW. Click here to contribute monthly.

Direct download: The_Dominant_Man.mp3
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Myisha discusses erotic fitness with fellow sex coach, Sarah Martin.

Erotic fitness combines sex and sensuality with working out. Sarah reveals how she got into erotic fitness, which for her includes orgasmic running, play fighting and pole fitness, and how fitness has a symbiotic relationship with sexual function.

Listen and learn how you can change your response to working out from a "hell no!" to a "fuck yeah!".

For more information visit Sarah's website at

Direct download: Orgasm_in_Motion.mp3
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Myisha's guest on this episode of DFW, Judith, is someone who was faced with physical limitations after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Judith shares what she went through, how she identified specific sexual issues she could tackle through modifications and even discusses how she managed online dating and expanded her sexual repertoire with a disability. 

Direct download: Episode_4-_Loving_Sex_All_Over_Again.mp3
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This episode of DFW features an interview with Dr. Yoni Alkan, who is (among other things) a professional cuddlist. Myisha and Dr. Alkan discuss the different types of non-sexual touch, why consent is so important for sexual health and how patriarchy impacts all of our sex lives.

We tend to underestimate the power of touch and we have very specific ways that we are supposed to engage in touch with others. There is also often an expectation that non-sexual touch will lead to sex. Myisha's conversation with Dr. Yoni explores how we can all expand our ability to give and receive different types of touch consensually. Imagine the possibilities!

Check out Dr. Yoni's work at

Direct download: Episode_3_-_Dr._Cuddle.mp3
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In this episode of DFW, Myisha interviews Kitty Chambliss, the founder of Loving Without Boundaries. Kitty has been practicing ethical nonmonogamy for over 12 years and is currently married and living with with her husband and her boyfriend. Take a listen to hear all about how Kitty came to create a life with two men that she loves and with whom she gets to share her life.

Direct download: Episode_2_-_You_Me_and_He.mp3
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In this episode of Down for Whatever, Myisha interviews her friend Bahman who decided over a year ago to abstain from partnered sex until he finds a true connection. They discuss what it's like to be a gay man in San Francisco who doesn't hook up, how Bahman came to make this decision and what he does to manage his sexual energy. They also get into some state of the world stuff too.

Direct download: Episode_1_-_Looking_For_Magic.mp3
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In this Season 3 preview episode, Myisha discusses what's new in episodes to come with DFW editor Michael Ulrich. They'll give you some behind-the-scenes insight into how the show is made and why they do it. Myisha also shares some tips for surviving Valentine's Day no matter where you are in your dating life. 

Direct download: Episode_0_-_Foreplay__Season_3_Preview.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 1:50am EDT

In the Season Two Finale of Down for Whatever, Myisha interviews friends of hers. B & C are a married couple who have been polyamorous for over 17 years, which just so happens to be how long they've been married. They discuss how they decided to be poly, their personal reasons for it and the process for coming out as poly to their friends and family.

Direct download: Episode_10_-_Poly_Wanna_Triad_.mp3
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This month's guest on Down for Whatever is Dr. Martha Tara Lee, who is a sexologist and sex coach in Singapore. This is Part Two of DFW's two-part series on sex coaching and gender. Myisha and Dr. Martha discuss vaginismus, orgasmic yoga and defining their own femininity. This discussion couldn't come at a better time! It is clear that there is much work to be done when it comes to understanding the experiences of women and unraveling the concept of femininity.

Direct download: Episode_9_-_The_Intimate_Woman.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 9:00am EDT

Myisha interviews fellow sex coach, Jeanson Benoit of Benoit Intimacy Coaching, about masculinity and the sexual issues for which men are likely to seek sex coaching. Beliefs that men hold about masculinity can sometimes be the barriers to a fulfilling sex life. Jeanson and Myisha discuss ways to break free from some of the unhelpful messages we get about what it means to be a man, and he shares how his own experience with overcoming sexual difficulties led him to pursue a career in sex coaching.

Direct download: Episode_8_-_The_Intimate_Man.mp3
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Myisha celebrates her birthday month and the purity of her sign's mascot, the Virgin by speaking with her guest Sara who was a virgin until the age of 32! Sara is delightful, open about incredibly vulnerable things and now has a son who she's educating to be feminist af. Her story shows that there's more to virgins and virginity than some may think, and sometimes sex is worth waiting for when it means your ready, willing and able. 

Direct download: Episode_7_-_Finding_The_D.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 12:16pm EDT

Myisha interviews her guest Chas about being trans. In this episode, they discuss growing up in Louisiana, being black in San Francisco right now and transitioning with testosterone. This conversation helps to expand what it means to be trans and make the world a little more free for you and me.

Direct download: Episode_6_-_Free_To_Be_You_And_Me.mp3
Category:health -- posted at: 12:23pm EDT

Myisha interviews Catt Small, who developed an app-based sex education game called SenseU. With SenseU, Catt offers an enlightened alternative to the misinformation a lot of us get from school, family and religion. They discuss how a game can allow people to learn ways to have difficult conversations and confront their beliefs in a consequence-free environment. This is not your everyday sex education!

Direct download: Episode_5_-_Learning_To_Sex.mp3
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Two women. Two vaginas. All talk. On this episode of Down for Whatever, Myisha discusses vaginas with her friend Alex who is a nurse and major advocate of lady parts. They cover the basics like hygiene and anatomy, but also get into some advanced topics like childbirth and female ejaculation.

Direct download: DFW_S02_E04.mp3
Category:health -- posted at: 10:51am EDT

Myisha interviews Vanessa Cuccia, creator and founder of Chakrubs, a beautiful sex toy line made from crystals! Vanessa shares the story behind Chakrubs and her unique path to sexual bliss. Learn how integrating a spiritual practice into your sex life can deepen your experience of your own sexuality.

Direct download: DFW_S02_E03.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 12:51am EDT

Myisha talks with her friend Tori about her experiences as a stripper in San Francisco and her career as a sex worker in Australia. They also discuss Tori's advocacy efforts and the state of sex worker rights and empowerment both here and abroad. 

Direct download: DFW_S02_E02.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 12:19pm EDT

On the season 2 premier of DFW, drama therapist Jeffery Allen Hayes and his partner Vivi open up about incorporating kink into their relationship. Power play is explored as a way of processing homophobia, sexism, racism and can be just down-right fun. Learn how to create a play space and dismantle patriarchy!

Direct download: DFW_S02_EP01.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 10:32am EDT

Myisha speaks with Lynn Brown Rosenberg about her book, My Sexual Awakening at 70 in which Lynn details how she ended up watching porn and meeting up with men from sex chat websites for the first time in her life at 70 years of age. 

Direct download: DFW_EP007.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 8:33pm EDT

Happy Valentine's Day!

On the return episode of Down for Whatever, Myisha speaks with her first west coast guest, Renny. He's done a porn or twenty in his day and has some insight into what to expect should you want to break into the field.

Direct download: DFW_EP006_smaller.mp3
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Not everyone can discuss sex and the potential perils of intimate relationships with their parents.  In this episode, Myisha discusses interracial relationships, sex, feminism and violence against women with her mom who she discovers is effortlessly cool.

Direct download: DFW20EP00520smaller.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 4:00pm EDT

Ever feel like you are completely missing dating signs and signals that everyone else seems to know and understand?  Myisha's guest, Michael Leviton helps demystify some common dating habits and explains how to make your approach to dating work for you.

Direct download: DFW_EP004.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:16pm EDT

Myisha interviews a straight male (!).  Jeremiah shares his exprience with dating multiple women and the challenges that can arise in the modern dating landscape.

Direct download: EP000320FINE20rev1.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 4:14pm EDT

Myisha interviews feminist scholar and founder of Slutist, Kristen Korvette.  Kristen gives us the skinny on 4th Wave Feminism, how to ethically watch porn, and pointers for how to own your feminism.

Direct download: DFW_EP002.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 2:08pm EDT

In the very first episode of Down for Whatever (!), Myisha and Mr. T discuss the joys of multiple forms of sexual and gender expression all wrapped up in one body. We explore everything from bondage and sex work to foreskin and drag.

Note that audio for Mr. T isn't stellar, but I'm learning by doing folks.  He more than makes up for this with mad sex appeal.

Direct download: DFW_EP001.mp3
Category:sex advice -- posted at: 1:19pm EDT







Down for Whatever is a sexuality podcast featuring sex-positive interviews with real people about their real sexual experiences. With candor and humor, Myisha helps to demystify modern sexual dilemmas by highlighting the experiences and expertise of her guests who represent a wide spectrum of sexual identities, orientations and backgrounds. For more information, visit